Apr 15 2011


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This article examines the change of public opinion towards serial killers from the 1600’s to modern day. The advent of psychology drastically changed the public and their opinion of killers as a whole. This change in opinion has drastically affected the punishments of serial killers in America. As television shows of crime and their investigations became popular, Americans developed a sympathetic attitude towards serial killers.  Many people have studied this phenomenon and have come to the same conclusions I have. After dividing the serial killers into separate groups I then compared two killers, one from the 1600’s and one from the early 1900’s and investigated not only their murders but also how the public reacted to them. From this comparison I am able to begin my argument that psychology is the reason for the drastic changes between the time periods and why people feel this new sympathy for serial killers. I concluded that due to psychology and the more intense understanding of the mind, people gained a sympathy for killers which is now apparent in multiple television shows and movies.


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Apr 06 2011

Note to Editor:

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I have set up my article to flow seamlessly from topic to topic which is why I do not feel the need to have a multitude of headers. From the conference talk to the journal article I have added a comparison between Ed Gein and the Werewolf trials of the 1600’s. I believe this comparison will greatly show the dramatic change in public opinion over time and great support my argument that since the advent of psychology people’s opinions have changed toward serial killers. I have also added more research of my own in order to better support the comparison and my own argument. While the research is probably not the most thorough I believe it shows a direct connection to the University, which is what I was searching for.  I am to the point where I am looking for comments that will help me finish off my article. Any feedback is welcome as long it is about wrapping things up and seeing if everything flows together and makes sense. Thanks everyone!


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